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i finish the game the same day that i download it

also very good and complex

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Excellently designed puzzle game! It was a bit tricky to learn but quite addicting once i figured it out. Puzzles are satisfying to solve, and they feel quite elegant.

If you ever make any major additions, I might suggest a color blind friendly mode.

See my playthrough of it here

Heyo. Some linux distros (like mine) don't use .deb files and can't play this. Perhaps an Appimage would be more portable?

What Linux distro do you have? I need to learn more about building for Linux.

I'm on openSUSE. We use .rpm files. I dunno if there's kinds beyond rpm and deb, but even if there aren't, software often needs to build for each distro separately anyway, or provide sourcecode for people to build themselves. I'm new to building games for linux, but I've built the prototype for my game as a .x86_64 (Godot's default for building linux games). I don't yet know how portable that is either. That's why I suggested Appimage. That should be able to be built once and run on any linux system.

Still, I'm also new to this. There may be a better way.

I enjoyed the game so much, that I included it in a new Hidden Gems Youtube Series:

Thanks for making a fun game <3

Very elegant puzzle game that does remind me a lot of Sudoku. Every color blob is indicating a colour in a space around it and its your task to deduce which color slots in where. The presentation is surprisingly pleasing as filling in the ever weirder shapes keeps being very satisfying, while the new mechanics that get introduced help subtly easing you into its harder puzzles. Its a bit unfortunate that the two mistakes you get make each level a bit easy as you can theoretically bruteforce any puzzle. I probably would have preferred the game not telling you at all if any mistake had been done until you solve it. Even then, I am really, really enjoying this one as it makes for a pleasant and breezy headscratcher. 4/5

More Racial Justice Bundle impressions:


Regarding the Linux distribution: (for me) the game doesn't run with the newest distribution of pango - and running it through wine also runs into issues.

A quick solution would be to add,, and from an older (and working) version of pango to the /opt/RYB/ directory in the deb. This would let linux users continue to enjoy the game into the future :)

Wow, this was addicting. Too bad I've finished it. I WANT MORE.

Ooooh, any chance you will have an apk version?

What does that mean?


Ah, that probably won't happen.


I'm confused by the orange level, the rules broke down. What am I missing

Apologies for the late reply. 

This is definitely the trickiest part of the game! You have to consider color mixing.

A red dot means that there's either a red area or an orange area (red + yellow) surrounding it.

I love puzzle games, and this is one of the best ones I've ever played.  Many of the puzzles gave me a true sense of satisfaction upon figuring them out, and I appreciated that they could all be solved entirely with logic and not just guessing.  My only complaint is that it's over, and I wish there were more puzzles to solve! :D

Thank you!


This was great! I like that the post-game introduced new mechanics.


This is fantastic, one of my favourite logic games I've ever played. 




Cute little puzzle game I love it! <3